dreaming of 28

it’s my birthday, i’ll cry if i want to.  or maybe just dream.

here are a few things i’m dreaming about for my 28th year:

  • paying attention to what makes life sing… doing more of that.
  • growing in love and grace


  • watching Husbuddy finish school and apply for pastor positions. it’s an exciting time!
  • spring. enough said.
  • new places and new adventures


  • really, we could end up anywhere… and so i’m looking forward to getting more “settled” some place. longer than a year, people! 🙂
  • more yoga and more zumba. these things make me happy when done regularly… so why don’t i? seriously.
  • i’m over this new england winter. 😉  so i’m dreaming of summer and roaming the beaches again with this boy::

biked to the beach one morning

  • filling up our beach glass jar.  Sharon, i need your help. 😉
  • visiting a foreign country… {it’s a secret!}
  • trying new weird foods. yup. i’m going to be brave.
  • visiting this pretty girl some day soon:: {ok, for those of you who know, then the secret is out!}


  • watching Husbuddy grow more into that man i know is in there.
  • and dreaming of a clean bill of health for my sweet guy!
  • finishing these architectural tests! {these must get done before i’m 29, gosh darn it!}

sketch for tuesday41

  • rest more in God’s grace and less on my own strength. i just finished a GREAT book that i plan on sharing with ya’ll soon.
  • saying more “ya’lls”. yup, my southern friends are rubbing off on me. hee hee.
  • laughing at how much this little puppy loves the beach:  he is going to be so happy when it’s not covered in snow/freezing!


  • trusting that God knows where we belong and the perfect time to get there!
  • smiling more…i’d rather have smile lines instead of frown lines and i’m just going to pretend that those gray hairs that i keep finding aren’t really there. i’m not getting old.
  • i want to see more mountains, gandalf.
  • again, learning more about joy.

joy4x5life is good. i’m so thankful for these 28 years and for all of your love. thanks, friends!

it’s going to be another great year!  i just know it.


xo-kimberly renee

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0 Responses to dreaming of 28

  1. Jim L February 21, 2013 at 11:41 pm #

    Happy Birthday!
    I love you!

  2. Sharon Estes February 25, 2013 at 10:15 pm #

    Beautiful. You are so lovely, dear friend. And I will always be your sea-glass buddy. I’m earnestly hoping we make it to the shore all together again this summer…how likely do you think that is??? 🙂

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