dreaming with wings


i recently painted a new angel to add to my collection! i like that she is simple but still has the little nod to Bethlehem in her dress. O Sing Choirs of Angels is one of my favorite songs at Christmastime.  Sing choirs of Angels 8x8

here are some of my older ones:

Isaiah Angel from last year and from a couple years ago.  bethlehem angel4  i want to create a whole collection of these to hang at Christmas time. i also would love to create a print set to sell. still trying to figure that one out. but one step at a time. for now i’m enjoying painting again.

but check this out!  it was my very first angel:

Glory Angel

{from 5 years ago!} she was 2 feet tall and a 8″ wide.  she was my first sale on etsy too. ha. my dad bought it to give to my mom for Christmas. isn’t that just about the sweetest thing ever? he encouraged me in my little business and gave mom a gift he knew she’d love because, duh, her daughter made it so of course she’d love it. = awesome dad/husband award. now she hangs in my parent’s house.

hoping to paint some more angels before christmas.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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