Faith & Thankfulness

 Today has been ROUGH but good at the same time. What can I say? Is it ok if I say that? It was just one of those days. 

 I started out the day though reading about the faithfulness of ABE. 🙂 Check it out in Romans 4.

So it had me thinking about what it means to be FAITHFUL in everything that happened today…

I had a work presentation today that I was really nervous for. I’m designing a kitchen for a very sweet couple and my boss put me in charge! holy cow! I feel the pressure. Then she wanted ME to present it! But I made it through with the help of  my “POWER SUIT” (thank you Roxanne for teaching me the power of a POWER SUIT 🙂 hee hee) and of course God. ha. But my boss said I did a good job. whoo hoo! So that was encouraging.

God is faithful more than I am faithful

THEN. We went to the store to do some errands and we got hit as we were pulling into the parking spot! WHAT THE?! Who backs up in a parking lot? jk. but seriously. Today we met a very rude  interesting  New Jersey Lady through the rear of her car hitting the door of ours.

 “Hi, nice to meet you too, miss.”

“Wow, no joke you didn’t see us in your rear view mirror… did you even look?”

” Please give us your name and number and insurance even though you’re fighting us about giving it to us… “

“Please don’t get mad at us for having Geico Insurance because it’s like one of the most popular insurances and what can we say? it’s cheap and we don’t have much money…”

“Please stop making me cry…”

Who says New Jersey is one of the most dangerous driving state in the country? hmm… another reason I don’t like New Jersey… haha.

Well… at least my very  intensive architecture degree came handy for the diagram I had to draw for the insurance company right?


All that practice making concept drawings came in SUPER handy. 🙂 I think we could even convince HER that it wasn’t our fault with this diagram…

See? God is faithful BECAUSE: No one was hurt. We both had insurance. We were driving slowly and even though there’s a HUGE dent, it’s not as bad as it could have been! Things happen in this fallen world that we can’t explain but God watches over us even when we don’t watch our rear view mirror…  I’m thankful again.

ALSO… did you notice how very HAIRY that puppy was up in the first picture?? :-p

Look how cute he is now!  See.. God is faithful as well as a bringer of Joy on a tough day… 🙂


Check out the blessings page above or click here to see the verse that inspired me today!

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