finding reasons to be thankful.


hmmm. ii’s interesting that a little more than two weeks ago i say that CONTENTMENT is going to be word of choice for the year. Then yesterday I go on and on dreaming about having a house (and seriously, in the dreaming, not being content with what I have now!)



thanks for holding me accountable, friends.


in an effort to find contentment in this situation, i want to list all the things in my home now that i’m thankful for:

  • a roof over my head, that usually doesn’t leak…
  • a very comfortable bed, in a room that faces east so that on Saturday mornings i get to have my tea in the sunshine, in bed!
  • a desk on which i get to play with art supplies.
  • a clean, white kitchen in which i get to make yummy dishes with Husbuddy
  • lots of little dog toys to trip over, because really, it means i have a very playful dog!
  • enough furniture and artwork that i get to play at being an interior designer by constantly changing the layout and rearranging 🙂
  • a community where i can just walk around the corner to a bunch of friends. seriously-it’s like living in a grown up college dorm! marriage housing at a seminary is awesome!
  • Husbuddy. He is my home here. 🙂


remembering to be thankful helps me to be content.  funny how that works together. 😉 i AM content with where i am now, because this is where God has placed me and i am so blessed.

Phil. 4:19 “…and my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

1 Tim. 6:6-7 “Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment, for we brought nothing in the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content.”


ok, thanks for not rolling your eyes too much over my silliness.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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