first hike


we went for Sophia’s first hike a couple weeks ago. it was LOVELY. along a creek, up and down a hill to a river, under the trees, lunch next to a waterfall, and a perfect breeze. the place is called Tucquan Glen.

it’s super humid as i type this so i’m really missing the beautiful weather we had on this hike. Sophia did ok in the backpack…at first she was quite happy but then there were a couple bouts of protest until she fell asleep. it was an easy 3 miles and it filled a summer-hikes-in-colorado-shaped-hole in my heart…at least for a couple hours.

i’ll leave you to enjoy the pictures.

hike2 first hike2 first hike1 first hike hike   first hike changing diaper first hike-lunch break hike2   first hike3 first hike4       hike4


xoxo-kimberly renee

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