first time at the zoo

last week we were lucky to be invited by friends to go to the philadelphia zoo! right now, Sophia LOVES all animals and gets super excited to see cats running past our yard or hear the neighborhood dogs barking. she loves the horses and ducks and sheep we see on our walks so we thought she’d love seeing all the animals she has only seen in books.  lion  she loves lions right now. when we read our toddler bible she likes the Daniel story. she growls like a lion and points to all the big kitties and then she folds her hands to pray. it’s pretty cute actually, so i was super excited for her to see the lions.  i know it looks like it from these pictures, but she really was excited about seeing them. when she “growls” like a lion it sounds more like a hiss in the back of her throat. it’s hilarious.  lions with daddy looking at lion  we went with our friends Adam, Paige and Parker. Parker is only 6 months older then Sophia and they are little buddies.  on daddy's shoulders buddies  he is ALL boy and is constantly on the move. Sophia just watches him and takes it all in. she loves hanging out with Parker!  buddies2 monkeys all the monkeys!  checking it out  and they had so much fun exploring together. like putting their noses to the glass and chasing the lunch-time peacock visitor. chasing the peacock lunch time friends hello gorilla  and she actually was fascinated by the gorilla. she has no sense of fear yet.  holdermans  i love the smile that Paige caught on the little miss!  knepps  and we love friends who will wander around the zoo with us and then leave before it is even 2 because the babies were exhausted. ha. it was such a lovely day too. we will be back to visit the zoo sometime for sure!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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  1. Dana May 28, 2015 at 7:22 pm #

    So cute! I love how she is standing right beside the gorilla!

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