flashback to 6 years ago…

This past week at Balboa was beautiful.

A time filled with family and sand and ocean and kayaking and rollerblading. It was also a time of remembering Grandma Phyl. Even though she’s my Husbuddy’s grandmother, in the short amount of time that I knew her, she became a grandmother to me. She loved me as a granddaughter in different and special ways from my own grandmothers and I always felt so much love by her. She is deeply missed.

In going through my photos from the past week, figuring out what would be good to share with you, I was struck with how so many of the photos are similar to ones from a few years back…

I went with Husbuddy to Balboa with his family 6 years ago. (I can’t really believe that I did that while we were dating… we’d only been dating for 7 months! Even more, I can’t believe that Husbuddy’s parents and extended family accepted me to join in on their family tradition before I was even a part of the family!)

Pam, me and Grandma Phyl in 2005

2005-going across the ferry to Newport Beach (o how young we look!)

ha. But it was a sweet time… and it’s just so funny to see the pictures compared to now:

Here we are at Fashion Island… 2005:future husbuddy trying to have a sexy smile(?) with the iconic hand-on-my-stomach-shot (what was that?? He did it all the time… you may notice)… 2011: Husbuddy a little more comfortable taking a picture… hee hee.

Pam and me at Fashion Island... yes, in 2011 we took pictures with other people too.

We apparently were just as dorky when we dated:

although we looked pretty cool rollerblading around the island: (although i did not roller-blade around in my swimsuit this time!! Does that make me less cool?)

And boating:

in 2005 we had access to a Sabot. This year we had access to a Kayak! Both times I think I did most of the work 😉



And the sweet cousins and grandpa: (just had to put this in lest you think we just took pictures of ourselves back in ’05) Look how small they were! And how handsome they’ve grown! 🙂 hee hee. And Grandpa, handsomest of all.

Then what is interesting (to me at least) are all the pictures that we took in 2005 that we failed to document in 2011! It’s kind of sad actually, in years to come we’ll miss out on funny little moments from 2011 like these from 2005:

2005- Datenight

:-p I don’t have a single photo of Husbuddy and I from this trip! (a normal one that we didn’t take ourselves at least…) sad! But kind of interesting  and funny to compare :-p

2005- apparently i'm a goof.

and Husbuddy still has those shorts! And I still have my hair… (sorry, hunny!)

At least we did get a big group shot this time. I don’t have one from last time!


Good times.I’m so lucky and blessed to be a part of this family.

xoxo-kimberly renee.

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  1. Pam Holderman July 23, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    ahh thank you – love these photos and memories!

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