florida recap {a zillion pictures}

we had a fantastic trip! this is just a quick picture recap but i really wanted to share. we started out with a couple days at The Gospel Coalition conference. Husbuddy was super excited to soak up the conference while Sophia and i enjoyed the adventure of exploring a new place, which of course included lots of time for walks and pool time:  first pool2 first pool first pool with daddy first hotel with mama first hotel had fountains first hotel chillaxin

then my family came out and we got to enjoy vacation with them for almost a whole week! which means we did Walt Disney world and went to a beach and had pool time and went to Kennedy Space Center! so fun!!

magic kingdom-first ride the bus  group shot on the tram from the car!

boys on ferry magic kingdom -princesses the princesses! haha. *added bonus- since my parents gave us our tickets for each of our birthdays, we got birthday badges! we were wished a “happy birthday princess” all day! ha. {the boys were wished happy birthday, prince charming… just in case you were worried}

magic kingdom family  Sophia was totally pschyed for her first trip to magic kingdom! ha.

magic kingdom chris and amy  and the young couple shot. ha.

mk -tea cups  while the big kids stood in line for some rollercoaster, Papa, Nana and Sophia and i got to try out the kiddie rides. she loved the tea cups. liked dumbo the first time, NOT the second time. and was JUST DONE by the Merry Go Round. haha. mk -dumbo mk- merry go round mk -walking around

and how can you not melt when you watch those little legs determined to walk around?! then had a great afternoon nap while momma got dole whip.

mk - dole whip  dole whip= THE BEST.


epcot2  a day at Epcot was a blast too. epcot we even got this awesome family shot in front of the epcot ball!  2015-04-17 09.43.44-1  womp womp. i think my dad asked someone else after this one but i didn’t get a copy of that yet. HA.

epcot -amy and me  so this was me forcing my sister to take another one with me after the family gave up and started walking away. epcot - fountain family  i believe my parents have a photo of me a little older then sophia at these little fountains. SO fun!

epcot -phil and fountain  oh and did i mention that my prodigal brother returned home to join the family trip!! my dad must’ve bribed him. he surprised us all! it was crazy!! mom cried. i hit him and kissed him.

epcot -girls  then while some big kids were on rides we wondered over to paris. we asked this nice epcot employee to take a picture of us in front of the Eiffel tower! womp womp again. lol

epcot chris and amy  awe, they’re engaged! i threatened to post this photo on the interwebs to see if their friends freaked out about their baby… haha. poor Sophia really needed a nap at this point…

epcot -paris kiss  we had to show up the cute engaged couple.

at pool with amy  more pool time

at pool -boys

boys being silly. typical. now there’s another one in family to make things even sillier.

florida babe  sun in florida is serious business, guys.

at beach2  and beach day! woot woot!  at beach at beach with amy

at beach with daddy at beach with daddy1 at beach with daddy2 at beach -exhausting  there was so much sand… everywhere… and she ate a TON of it. but she loved the beach. and slept REAL hard that night. hee hee.

KSC -snoopy  Kennedy Space Center was really fun too. her favorite thing was astronaut Snoopy.  florida exhausted flight home  and poor thing. she slept the first flight home. she was so worn out. it’s going to take weeks to get back on schedule!!

thanks for checking out all of my photos of our trip and making it to the end! you’re a trooper! hee hee. we were so blessed to have such a great vacation!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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