framing an old dress {nursery DIY}


well, don’t say i didn’t warn you. this is a cheater’s guide. not a real-professional-or endorsed guide on how to do this AT ALL. this is how i did it. i know it’s temporary so i didn’t worry about it.

why is it temporary you say?


  1. i had a limited budget…i think to do this right, i’d want a shadow box with glass to keep the dress safe.
  2. this dress is too beautifully vintage to be hanging so close to baby’s hands for too long.
  3. i plan to use this frame for other things as baby girl grows older

so there ya go.

cheaters guide for cheap and easy… ha!


i started with a $2 frame from the Re-Store. have y’all found a Re-Store in your area?? GOLD MINE, i tell ya!! i do find you have to visit it frequently because items change so fast and what may be a “gold-mine” type day one day will be a “womp-womp” type day the next. but it’s a great place to look for used items…when i bought this there was a pile of frames and old pictures just sitting in a corner without a price on it. i asked how much they were and she said 2$ a piece! eek! i bought as many as i could!

laying out dress

in my head i had this vision of a dress hanging. i wish i had the other little bootie. that’s the only thing i’d change.

painting frame

then i painted the frame bright pink. yay! since baby girl’s room is turquoise, i’ve tried to limit the amount of pink to bright splashes here or there. it was easy to paint and i didn’t worry about it being perfect. i figure this too will change with time.

dress background

then, (this is the part i forgot to photograph) i taped fabric onto a piece of cardboard that would fit in the frame. YUP. you read that right. tape + cardboard.

i wanted to keep it light. and reusable.

and i wanted to be able to pin the items on so i didn’t ruin them in any way.

so, that’s a piece of cardboard with fabric wrapped and taped on the back. i guess i could take a picture of the back, but i’m too lazy at the moment (call that too lazy to get this prego belly up off this chair! lol) 

framed dress

you can see all the baby diaper pins- but those are just for show. behind the top layer of each piece are ten more safety pins holding the clothing in place. again, we’ll see how long this lasts… but for now, it’s really cute and goes with my vintage theme. it’s a little memorial of Husbuddy’s grandmother and i love that we have her little outfit.  and, as you can tell, with the low ceilings in this room, there wasn’t much room to hang the dress higher,  so it may not last more then a month or two over the dresser/changing table. oh well! life will go on and the room will be in constant change… i’m a designer, remember? i live for the change. lol

framed dress

thanks for putting up with this designer who is constantly “cheating” and changing everything. it will just continue… i promise.

in other news… if this has posted and there hasn’t been a post about baby girl’s arrival… you could all pray that she come soon!!!!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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