friends from p-town

“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.”

William Shakespeare

we are so blessed to have moved so much that we have pockets of friends from all around the country. i mean, we spent a year here and a few years there, another year there, that really, it’s just like we collected all these people into our lives and then left for the next place…

what. ok. well, i’m CHOOSING to look at it as a blessing. i miss friends from each place we’ve lived! oh man. it’s hard sometimes!

thankfully some of our friends from our time in Princeton are still there and still want to be our friend too. ha. trust me, it’s rare that people want to keep up with you when you’ve moved away! so we talked these sweet people into coming to Lancaster for a sleepover.

truth be told, instead of just a day trip, we knew that the BEST time to catch up with dear friends is after all the kids are  in bed. it was so fun for them to visit!

it was also fun to have the two toddlers play together. they’ve only gotten together a couple of times, last year in the poconos and when we first met little Graham. they are only two months apart so that time gap is really disappearing. here are a few shots from our trip together. i wish there was more but at the same time i’m glad i didn’t have the camera out the whole time, you know what i mean? gate trouble let us out of here why won’t you open this gate or pick us up? not funny guys playdate at coffee shop  play date at the new coffee shop in Strasburg! noodles

dinner at noodles and company. the only picture with adults. how did that happen? kiddos  the kids all making a similar face…tee hee hee. sophie close up oh yes, and bathtime together with friends is the best. bathtime hee hee Graham was trying to be tricky. bathtime1  but they are the sweetest! it’s so fun to watch them play and interact! {especially compared to the first time they met, lol.}

also, please note, Sophie had a swollen eye from landing face first when she tripped and Graham had a cut from something similar…both these things made us look like an awesome pair of parents walking around town, but really, they’re toddlers…and they survived! ha. and both are safe and fine so please don’t worry. 

anyway. visits with friends are so special and so dear. it meant so much that they came. do you make an effort to stay in touch with special friends who’ve moved away? trust me, those friends love having you keep in touch! we sure do! thanks friends for coming and until next time!!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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