from the porch

from the porch he can see the world

and on this beautiful spring day he’s just soaking up the sun, the smells, and view.

if only he didn’t have this ugly fence in his way:)

but i guess it’s kind of pretty in its own way. the rust is kind of interesting…

and the sunshine and the springs smells and everything is gloriously springy.

oh puppycakes. isn’t it a beautiful day? enjoy it!

i hope you’ll enjoy your day today too! i actually love “spring forward” because that means the sun is up that much longer every day. it means the sun is getting warmer too. everything smiles when the sun is warmer… the trees, the flowers, the dogs and people. happy spring!


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0 Responses to from the porch

  1. Lovely post.. : )

  2. Jenna Pannkuks March 11, 2012 at 8:08 pm #

    Sam look like he needed a friend to play with! Charlie saw you two walking this afternoon and started crying- doggie date needed 🙂

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