going kayacking with my little brother

i am pretty sure i may be going crazy. or i’m just bored and wishing for stuff…

i wish i was back in Boston.

  • when we got home from Boston our computer crashed-we lost everything-including photoshop! my life is ending without photoshop. 

  • this is serious, people.  

  • before we left for Boston i dropped my camera. now the little green light flashes insanly fast when i try to turn it on but never opens it’s little eyes…

  • so we had to use my husbands camera  in Boston. doh!

  •  NOTE: the flash may smoke when i take your picture…

  • true story.

i wish it was the weekend already.

  • this week(as in yesterday…today’s only tuesday?!) my boss laughed at me because i rode my bike home from work but not to work. 

  • comeon. give me a break! i don’t like getting to work dripping of sweat. i like to look pretty at my little office. not gross and drippy! so i have my carhog sweet husband give me a ride to work with the bike carrier on back! brillant, i say!

  • my dog eats my carpet.

  • in yoga tonight, as i’m trying to clear my mind with my butt up in the air in “downward dog”, i can stop thinking about how embarrassing it’d be if i farted. geez lu eez. not too mind clearing if you ask me…
  • then the dog throws the carpet up. lovely.


  • then my dog starts whining because i put his bone on the top shelf in a fit of rage because i steped on the darn thing, broke my toe and cut ginormous gashes in the sole of my feet.
  • i like to feel my feet and not have them numb with pain- thankyouverymuch.


  • ok. so i was exaggerating about the broken toe. but i still won’t get the bone down for you, buddy.


  • i wish i could figure out the spacing on this post… something’s wack.
  • i can’t believe i sit on my butt all day at work-in front of the computer- then come home and sit on it againto type this out just because i’m going crazy.
  • yes. i said wack. you got a problem with that?

i wish my brother would come visit me. or my sister. or anybody.but at this moment…my brother.

  • doh! look how cute my little brother is in this photo… we’re about to go kayacking in this one.
  • he’s lucky i didn’t push him into the Charles River.
  • sure he’s bigger than me and has mucsles popping out of his shirt because he’s a rock-climbing stud muffin dude…. but i could have.
  • he’s so lucky to have me as a big sista. 🙂
  • i could have, you know, if i had wanted to. just sayin.
  • but it’d be so fun if he’d pinch a few more pennies and come visit. i mean. how much were those rock climbing shoes bro? you needed them? really? more than you need to come visit me? i’m hurt. :-p
  • i’d like to just mention that this photo was made on picnik.com (which is really easy and fun to use!) but not photoshop.
  • which i miss dearly.

phil’s bored, originally uploaded by Kimberly*Renee.

 ok. so apparently i’m wishing too much for other things.

comeon photoshop fairy! drop a copy under my pillow tonight!

but that’s besides the point. thank goodness that Jesus loves me even when i’m crazy and un-content (is that a word?) like i am now. thank goodness? thank God.

“See what kind of love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.” 1 john 3:1



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