going to carolina in my mind

Our labor day trip this year was to NC to visit my parts of my extended family.The trip was SO much fun! So fun in fact that I don’t have many pictures because we were too busy to remember to pull the camera out much. But here are a few.

such a pretty chapel! we made it for the sunday service. it was just beautiful to hear the organ play in there!

he’s dancing because we’re going to visit the divinity school…?

we made it to a Durham Bulls game! 🙂

some of my favorite people. 🙂

my friend and cousin, Julie. She stole my due date when we were born. she wanted to be the first grandchild apparently. :-p good thing i got over that and now we can be friends. 🙂 hee hee. 

cousins! (Julie, Brian, & me plus cousin-in-law hubby) too bad Kevin had to work!

this is totally candid. hilarious.

i don’t know why. i just think this is an adorable pictures. sorry guys, i know you want to hear that you’re macho. but at this moment: you’re not.

could we get any more matchy-matchy if we tried? well… maybe if my sweet husbuddy had so much muscle that his arms didn’t fit on right next to him… hee hee. just kidding babe. i just think this is another cute picture.

What a fun trip! It was SO wonderful to get out of the Jersey. 🙂 Thanks Aunt Nancy and Uncle ‘Pitz’ for letting us come visit you guys!

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