graduation weekend {part 2}

after the baccalaureate we went to Husbuddy’s gradution dinner. {you’re not sure what to think with that photo above, right? i promise, it will be explained…}

ever since we got here, i’ve wanted to take him {and the rest of our family} to Rats.

dear everyone who lives near Princeton… go. here.

it’s pretty pricey, hence why we waited this long… but it’s on The Grounds for Sculpture so the setting is beautiful, the food was great, drinks were amazing, and fun was had by all. (note: we were not coerced in any fashion to give you such a good review)

we got there a little early. apparently, if you arrive at Grounds for Sculpture after 6, it’s only 6$ per person(which is a way better deal than 12$ each during the day!)

i can not even begin to tell you how much fun we had exploring.  and it was so dang beautiful.

every turn created a new view. the one above is supposed to be a recreation of Monet’s bridge. they even have the fog so that it matches the painting. (it’s manufactured, but how cool is that?!)

we even got to walk across it!  isn’t that a handsome family?! 🙂 awe.

did i mention we had a so much fun exploring?! there were a lot of paths to take.

lots of interesting people to watch.

seriously… around  every corner… there was something new. it helped that it was a gorgeous evening.

i love how they took famous paintings and made them into a sculptures!

and the landscape was so creative. i have no idea what i was doing up above… showing you how wide the path was? but seriously, how cool does that path look?!

it just so happened that a couple of our best friends were celebrating graduation there with family too! Congratulations Justin! and Jenna for supporting him through it all! and yes, congrats to you too, baby Isaac, for just being cute. 🙂

sweet friends, can you believe it’s been 3 years?! some fun times were had. now you’re off to Germany and we’re off to Boston. sniff sniff. 🙁

but it’s a good thing we saw them… we convinced them to take a picture of all five of us. yay! Happy Graduation dinner!

{com’on, don’t you want to go there?! …and you didn’t even see the food!}

oh yea, and this super random photo that started the post…i guess i promised to tell you about it:

this sculpture is based on Renoir’s Boating Party painting…

so instead of just looking at the painting, with these sculptures we got experience them in real 3d.

after dinner, we went out again. and in the dark, it was still fun. 🙂

so. much. fun! {did i say that enough?}

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