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have you ever tried to take a picture of a moving guitar? it’s actually harder than it looks.

i found this tutorial for creating an pink-light awesome affect on photos. sorry if it’s a little much on this post… but i just took these really blurry photos of Husbuddy and thought the affect made them look fun. he loves his guitar. and he is so good at playing it. for these pictures, he was sharing a new lick with me. it was beautiful. it’s inspiring to see his mind get so creative.

Yesterday afternoon, Husbuddy finished his last class here at Princeton! He only has one more paper to write then he’s done! i am so amazed we’ve been here for almost 3 years.  it feels like just the other day that we were traveling in that u-haul truck all the way from Boise, ID! Now we’re getting ready for our next adventure. (more on that soon 😉 wink wink)

a couple  of the most exciting things (besides the above, of course) that happened this week was finding a good glutten-free, yeast-free, pizza crust and then tonight we tried a glutten free biscuit recipe that actually tasted like real bread! Husbuddy was super happy about that.  it’s funny how something so simple like bread-ish tastes would cause such joy.

now it’s friday night and Husbuddy and I are cuddling up on the couch watching Fringe.  This weekend, in between paper writing, we have plans to go for an early morning bike ride and to spend time reconnecting after a really crazy semester.

i’m so thankful for him and sometimes i have to take time to think about it. 🙂

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