hanging paper and pictures {part 2}

remember how i was hanging paper the other day?

after some tweaks we finally have real pictures, people!
don’t pay any attention to the disorganization of the shelves below the tv. that’s a work in progress. {and yes, the doors on either side of the tv really aren’t the same height… nope… not bugging me at allsaid with sarcasm.}

after hammering in the nails i ripped off the paper templates and threw them on the floor.

and they were promptly destroyed. good team work, puppycakes.

i had Husbuddy to help with the drill. i kept telling him i could do it, but he insisted on helping. he doesn’t really trust “miss grace” over here with dangerous machinery. i really don’t understand why.

but i appreciate the help, sweetheart.

it’s not perfect, but i love that the Venice photograph that Husbuddy’s late grandma took matches the color of our living room. it’s the nicest piece of artwork, in the fanciest frame, that we own! 🙂

and i love all the love that’s going on in this room too. 🙂 ha. but i’m sure that top painting won’t be around too long because i’m going to open up my shop again soon and those things fly off the racks! 🙂

while Husbuddy was busy with the drill, i decided to use the staple gun. {i snuck into the office so he couldn’t take that piece of machinery away from me too. shhh. don’t tell.} my plan here was to start hanging the artwork that was destined for the bathroom. normally i would just hang the canvas on the nail, but i decided to pretty-it-up  a bit with some ribbon. so out came the staple gun.

see? it’s all prettied up! 🙂

{and yup, folks, we have PINK tile in our bathroom again. our last apartment had pink tile… i thought i’d go crazy! but alas… we have it again… i think we’re just so in love with the pink that we’ll have a pink bathroom for the rest of our lives. i kid, i kid.}

this is a cheap copy of one of my favorite paintings of all time. i know, a million people love this painting too. which is lucky for me, because then there are cheap copies around!  so i decided to add ribbon to this one too.

a knot and two staples aught to do it. what’s nice is that the staples are easily removable with a pair of pliers, so it’s really a no-biggie upgrade because when  if i feel like changing it later, it’s easy peasy!

and the ribbon even kind of matches!

hooray! paintings are getting hung. it’s starting to feel a little homey around here.

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  1. interiorapartment July 23, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    looks fab! Your dog is adorable too 🙂 xx Cat

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