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there has been a lot of random things going on lately. life is crazy like that. i think this time of year is always crazy, but for some *strange* reason it’s even crazier this year.

{ahem, i can’t imagine what that could be…except that she kicks me a lot in the bladder…}

but some of the adventures around here have included washing and folding lots of little clothes: baby girl clothes

puppycakes was confused and he just wanted to play with the little socks! hee hee. i personally just wanted to play with all the ruffles. can i just mention, we’ve been SO blessed by the gifts of friends and even random strangers?! the other day, we got a GIANT black trash bag full of girl clothes, so full that i couldn’t even lift it. ‘t have enough clothes to make it through the whole first year, i’m pretty sure! it’s amazing! Praise God!

Husbuddy has been getting out his guitar more lately. i LOVE that. when he plays, puppycakes likes to sit at his feet and i like to just soak it in:

boy playing

i have been attempting some fall baking. gluten-free/dairy-free/coconut-free/banana-free is no small feet…if i may brag about it… ha! but these pumpkin scones were deeeeelish! for the recipe check out LemonadeMakinMama’s post! {obviously, i don’t use the dairy-but even with almond milk as the substitute, they still turned out great!} gf scones

there has also been some decorating and hanging of things… i’m hoping to get some better pictures this week, but after living here 2 months {WOW! really?!} we are finally hanging some stuff on the walls!!  like my favorite old windows: working

they came from my favorite project that i worked on in Princeton. i love that they are historical- both old AND part of my own history and learning experience. they are HEAVY though. so Husbuddy racked his brain with how to hang them. good thing he is so brilliant: putting boy to work


yesterday i raked leaves. puppy cakes “helped” by laying in the leaves and eating them. he’s such a good helper.

and let me tell you…raking leaves when your belly sticks out so far that you have to reach around it, is NO easy task. i don’t think Husbuddy quite appreciates the feat… ha! raking leaves

the other major thing that has been occupying my time is study. i’ve been studying for my 5th test for the ARE. oh boy. has it made me sick with worry and stress! see…i failed the last one and THAT was quite embarrassing…and i just have had a hard time coming up with the confidence to jump in again. but i did it. test #5= done! …as long as i passed…  studying

we’ve lived in Lancaster now for about 6 months. CRAZY how the time flies. even though i’ve gotten used to passing these little buggies on the highway…i’m still not used to seeing them drive past outside my window:outside windowthis was the scene of buggy after buggy going by my window on Sunday morning on their way to our neighborhood farm for church. see, they rotate where they having church every week. this week, i guess, was our neighbor’s turn to host! as silly of a thing it is, it was still quite exciting to see them clip-clop by one after the other! outside my window

life is crazy right now. but it is good! how about you guys? life as crazy for you? are you taking a few moments to notice the little things?

by the way, i wanted to thank those of you who gave to the Estes Van or who prayed for them. they reached their goal, PRAISE GOD! it is a beautiful thing to see God provide through His people…even for a van. can i get an amen?! {here is an update from Joel}

xoxo-kimberly renee



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