Happy 4th!

a little late, i know. how was your 4th? did you have a bbq and spend some time outside? we did!  it was a busy day for us, with friends. it was WONDERFUL.


these sweet friends drove out to visit Lancaster! we showed them some of the sites, including horse and buggies as well as Kitchen Kettle which was fun and toursity.  IMG_2228_Bowens on 4th

it was so wonderful to catch up.
IMG_2236_at kitchen kettle

and then there was some quality time spent in our apartment complex’s pool. what a perfect day for swimming!  IMG_2242_at pool

the weather was seriously perfect. PERFECT. it was so nice to sit outside and celebrate life and freedom together! {btw, don’t they have an adorable little family?!}


what was extra fun was that a couple other friends showed up for the food as well. we had “3 worlds collide” as Husbuddy put it. our friends from our church in Princeton, a friend that was driving through from Gloucester, and a friend from the area here who’s wife was out of town.  IMG_2254_4th bbq


it’s really cool how these “3 worlds” can come together and be able to mesh just fine, because really, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. i LOVE that.

friends are nourishment for the soul. it was SO good to see each of them 🙂

what about you? spend time with some friends? bbq? go swimming? anything fun?  i’d love to hear!

xo-kimberly renee

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