hello brand new blog!

2013-08-10 12.05.00

hello to my brand new blog! thanks for being here, friends!!

i’m really excited about this new space.

i’m also thinking that i’m just a little bit crazy for starting this right now… i’m thinking i have so many other things that i should focus on rather than a blog. {as you may have noticed my previous blog was missing some love this summer}

but my heart tells me to share my life, my story, and my art. i want to record what God’s done, what He IS doing, and what He IS GOING to do!

and guess what, HE is going to do some awesome things! we have so much to look forward to::

  • we may have just bought a house, so we’ll have to share more of our adventures about that!
  • that includes all the projects we’re going to get to start experimenting with. DIY anyone? SO.EXCITED.
  • we have been so blessed and i want to share what God is working on in my heart
  • by and by i’m sure there will be some design discussions…as my new title suggests…design is definitely at the center of who God made me to be.
  • i’m dying to get back into painting and sharing printables and tutorials for you to have art in your home. {i just have to unpack my paints!}
  • we have a sweet little girl on the way in december …i CAN’T wait to have you meet her!

so… here we go!

for more of what i’m hoping for in this space, please go check out my “about page”

xoxo – kimberly renee

ps- please bear with me as i’m still working out the kinks in this new space. it also would be really really helpful if you let me know if you notice anything wrong! xoxo


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