hi there.

hi there. it’s been a while!

i know i know. things have just been crazy. and i’ve been totally uninspired with life. what can i say? i had nothing to say. which is why you didn’t hear from me.

so many things going on.

Husbuddy has been sick for a couple of weeks and we’re just now figuring out (maybe?) what is wrong.

Our car decided to be sick too. it’s in the shop hopefully getting all better.

even “Ze Plotter” from work had a hissy fit. THAT was a fun … let me tell you… rather, let me not. i’d rather not live through it again… let’s just say, even the big ol’ printer that prints all of the drawings at the office, decided to get sick too…

and you know how… when men get sick, they don’t like it,  and they like to tell you all about it? ( you wives know what i’m sayin…and i don’t mean any disrespect! it’s just plain, hard fact. men don’t like getting sick…but when they are, they like to tell you about it…)

basically, the printer was acting all manly with his sickness.

so was the car.

then the dog threw up.


that’s basically it. story of my life.


so let’s not talk about me.  let’s talk about pretty and happy “sweet finds” from Pinterest!

this nursery is beautiful! i love it! someday… i want one just like it! 🙂

love these lamps from Ashley Ann! i’m totally going to try it out sometime!

I’m totally going to have to make these this fall: Carmel Stuffed Apple Cidar Cookies mmmm…

There’s this awesome dog bed that i totally want to make for Samwise

Then there’s this sweatshirt! LOVE it! i’m going to have to figure out how to make it!

now i feel so much better. don’t you? 🙂

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