Check out this song by Addison Road. *you can also just click down on my playlist-i think…*

 It’s my new current FAV!!  (this music video is kinda corny, but you can just listen to the words… 🙂

also, i started to write down which verses really struck me, as it so happens i wrote down almost the whole song… oops. 🙂

i made you promises a thosand times, i try to hear from heaven, but i talk the whole time, i think i made you too small, i never feared you at all, if you touched my face would i know you?

what do i know of you who spoke me into motion? where have i even stood but the shore of your ocean?

are you fire, are you furry? are you sacred, are you beautiful?

what do i know of holy?

i thought i had you figured you out, i knew all the stories and i learned how to talk about how you were mighty to save, but those were only empty words on a page till i caught a glimpse of who you might be, the slightest glimpse of you brought me to my knees…

what do i know of holy?

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