home again!

i am finally home from Japan!


and totally jet-lagged. is that a word? well, if not, the definition of it is “jet lag is kicking my butt”. 13 hour differences +3 days of travel will do that to you. it is SO good to be home though. i missed my husbuddy terribly and i mostly missed puppycakes antics too.  🙂 he only showed his annoyance at my being gone for a little bit…the dog- not the hubby. ha. it’s good to be back.

i hope to get some of the 828 photos that i took up here to show you all soon! {YES, i took THAT many photos…that doesn’t even include all the ones from my phone!}

Japan was a blast, you guys. an adventure and a totally new and different experience. i can’t wait to share a little bit with you.

and i promise i will, as soon as i get a couple of those photos edited… japan1

{ps. these are a couple from my phone… if you want to see any of the photos i instagramed over my trip head to my instagram!}

xoxo-kimberly renee

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