hope and backyard play

earlier this week we had a couple of GORGEOUS days. on monday, little miss Sweet Pea and I were able to play in our backyard a little bit. such HOPE for spring. i type this as another snow storm is rolling in. so don’t mind me while i just look at these pictures waiting for spring to fully arrive!

lent day 24 a sunny day 4 a sunny day a sunny day2 a sunny day3 a sunny day5 a sunny day6  hugs and kisses from sophia and me. we’re going to go curl up under a blanket now and hide until it’s this warm again.

xoxo-kimbery renee

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One Response to hope and backyard play

  1. Sherri Brown March 20, 2015 at 2:48 pm #

    She looks so grown up – walking the dog. Or is the dog walking her?

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