house hunting

well, for the first time in our 7 years of marriage, we are seeking to be non-renters.

oh boy… is this stressful. in an effort to make light of all the work i’m doing to try to find a decent place to live, at an extremely decent budget… i thought i’d share with you a few of the houses i’ve seen so far.

{note, i’ve blurred the images and given partial images to provide at least a little bit privacy for the owners…while i make fun… and try not to judge too harshly }


The House Behind Walmart:

yup. in the backyard you literally looked up the hill at the big garage doors on the rear side of walmart. now, i realize this couldn’t be the only reason to say no to this one… in other news the driveway backed up onto a busy street, it was a 1 story rancher that could maybe fit our living room furniture in it…ie-a couch and a recliner and a tv…that’s it…in other words too small. i realize we will have a small house to start out…but i just couldn’t see having a family in this one.

behind walmart


Call Me Maybe

this was decent. i actually thought it could maybe work because it’s in a nice neighborhood, has a cute backyard and a cute kitchen.  but again, it felt too small. it DID have a creepy basement though. WHAT IS WITH dropped ceilings? i mean, those belong in commercial buildings ONLY. and an eat-in kitchen is definitely not on our list…we enjoy hosting so much we’re going to need an actual dining area.

but…if it’s still on the market in a few months, maybe i’ll give it another look.

call me maybe


Christmas Lights, Meet Chain Link Fence

i know, i know. those are both changeable things. i just think it’s funny that the seller would leave up his christmas lights… i mean, come’on dude, you’re trying to sell the house, not prove to the world that you’re a hick. lol. the house was advertised as having 1.5 baths…which is something we’re looking for. but when we got there to look, we found that the 1/2 bath was really just a toilet with some studs around it because the owner had “started” to build an extra bathroom in the existing-garage-turned-office and then just never got around to finishing it. that and the basement filled with water really turned me off.

christmas lights meets chain link



The Barn House

this one looked super cute from the outside. Husbuddy fell in love with the barn {why? i have no idea! i tried to convince him how much work it would be!!} and i really liked the wrap around porch(around the other side) and the cute neighborhood. but then we got inside and realized that the previous owner had probably lived there since the 40s or 50s. it needed a TON of work. it didn’t even have a shower, just a claw foot tub! {maybe this is common place for some people? but not for us} It also had 2 front doors. this confuses me, i figured it must have been a duplex or something at somepoint. a lot of houses around here have 2 front doors. when i asked the Realtor about it, she said that actually it was because that at a certain time period when a lot of these houses were being built, there was a superstition that it was bad luck to go in and out the same door- so they built TWO. there are 2 back doors too!! weird, huh?!

as an architect, i see the potential and think it would be fun to work on this one with someone else’s money…not my own. 😉


the barn house


The SERIOUS Fixer Upper

Ok, i should have realized from the first look on the website that this was way too creepy. {note to self, if it only has 1 picture on the website…probably NOT a good sign} but i just thought i’d take a look.


it’s about all i can say. i kinda feel bad for the person who’s trying to sell it. dear owner, plywood stapled up to the side of the house to cover a hole does not equal siding and the kitchen with an open ceiling full of wires seems like a potential safety hazard…just to let you know.  fixer upper


The Steepest Driveway in all of PA

you think i’m kidding. i even grew up in the place that invented steep driveways(dear CO, i miss you)!! but this steep driveway is rather short and backs up right onto a highway/busy road. in my preggo-state i was nervous of even walking around the car! ha. it was kind of cute though. but dark. oh so dark inside. and that’s one thing on my list after living in too many dark apartments… windows are key to selling a house to me!

steepest driveway in the state



Historic Nightmare

again, as an architect, if someone ELSE bought this house and wanted my help in designing/fixing it up, it would be a pretty fun project! but alas, it just isn’t for us right now. it had high ceilings and big rooms and it was right in a downtown of the cutest little town… but it looked like animals had lived there for a while… and it just needs love. {in this case, you CAN buy love with money}


The Almost One

this one we SERIOUSLY considered. it had gorgeous potential on the inside. it was recently renovated. it was on the bottom of our budget range. it had lots of room and lots of light.  the only thing that would have been hard to live with was the laundry was in the basement, down tiny steps that would be hard to maneuver as a preggo or even after. but we had plans to fix that. i dragged Husbuddy there for a second visit. we hemmed and hawed all weekend.

then we visited it at night. you guys, this is the single piece of advice i’ve recieved over and over from my mom: visit it at night to make sure it’s still nice as you thought. um, thanks mom! it turns out the street that we knew was kind of busy during the day, actually was really darn busy at night. {what’s with all the houses on busy streets in this sleepy area?! come’on lancaster!} and it wasn’t the best neighborhood. we took a walk (because we like to do that all the time) to see what our walk would be in the new neighborhood. it totally creeped us out. we both didn’t sleep that night! so, we said no. and then slept better the next night.

the almost one


our Realtor reminded us that when it’s the right house, we’ll have more peace about it.

and also, it reminded us that location is key!

so concludes part 1 of our house hunting adventures. hopefully i’ll have better ones to share with you next time… until then, i’ll be hoping and praying for just the right little home for our family! 🙂

** please know, we are being realistic about what we can afford. we know that there will a million things in our potential house that we get to update/fix/live with. i realize that as i jest, i may come across as a bit of a snob…but you know what? i guess that’s my right considering we’re about to sign our life away to a mortgage…so i’ll be as snobish as i want can afford. **




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