house tour

as we slowly get our house put together and i share our process, i’ll be updating this page!

let’s start outside:

front view: notice you can see our garage in the background. the flower beds need some love. and how fun is that “narnia lamp post” like Husbuddy calls it? we also have a rust-covered flag pole. {gag} does anyone know how to take one of those things down?!

front view

front porch:  i hope this space gets used a lot. i love happy front porches.

 front porch

side view from the driveway: you can see the kitchen windows open and the side door that leads down to the basement or up to the kitchen.

side view

rear view: that little jut-out is the laundry/bathroom on the first floor. it’s nice that we have a ramp up to the first floor= it makes our house handicap accessible for our sweet friend,Owen!

rear view

side view of garage: it even has windows!


the backyard: our property goes to the fence way back there, if you can see it. AND- we have a clothes line, people! let’s see how much i actually use it…


the first floor:

starting at the front of the house, the image you’ve all loved. our foyer:

front room

and our dining “room”: will be centered under that ceiling fan/light.

dining area

that double door leads to what will hopefully, one day, be an office/sunroom:


but it needs a lot of work and we’re not sure if there’s insulation in the walls so we’re nervous to put a computer and books in there. the ceiling is dropped {like the kitchen and guest bedroom} but above is just the rafters for the porch roof. and the wood paneling has us suspicious.  and really, who builds an extra room and then puts a tiny window up high like that? #WeirdestRoomInTheHouse


then this is our living room: i think it’s actually supposed to be a formal dining room. but we’d rather live in here.

living room

the kitchen: note the dropped ceiling. it will be the last time you see it. i like how quaint these cabinets are. i am dying to paint them…


update: here is what our kitchen looks like now:  {to see the full blog post, click here}


the laundry room: picture taken literally minutes before our washer and dryer showed up. we got a deal with a labor day sale and we couldn’t wait any longer to have it delivered! hee hee.


the back door out of the laundry room: isn’t it nice the way the door fit under that dropped beam and they just cut it like that? ya, i thought that was a nice little design feature too.{holding up the sarcasm sign again…geez, i’m on a role}

laundry back door

the first floor bathroom:

-what you can’t actually see in this picture:

  1.  is that sconce is actually broken in half to make it fit… ha. who does that?
  2.  that window looks directly at the side door of our-20 feet away- neighbor! whoo hoo!
  3. the toilet is pushed up to the very edge of the wall…not something you really think about until you go and try to sit down without bumping something! lol. typically a designer would place the toilet 18″ away from the wall. also, i think it’s leaking…trying not to think about that though.

1st bath

side door entrance and stairs to basement:

side door

check out that old milk-box drawer thing right inside the side door! so fun.

basement stairs

you’ll also notice our pathetic structure in the basement…it needed some attention according to the inspection so we had some guys come and help us out after taking this photo. we also *hope* to put insulation in the floor boards before winter too… right now it’s a little drafty, not going to lie.


second floor:

going up the stairs: you can see why it was a little tight to fit the queen-sized-boxspring up there! {we ended up having to get a split-queen box spring on move in day}

stairs to second floor

second floor hallway: looking down from the top of the stairs towards the nursery at the end. the hallway has carpet.

2nd flr hall

and looking back at the top of the stairs:

2nd flr hall2

second floor bath:

2nd flr bath2

the tiniest vanity for 3 bedrooms you ever did see: and look how high the mirror/med. cabinet is too! can we say, *super design fail* oh well!

2nd flr bath

the master bedroom: it’s nice to have the vaulted ceiling! it makes the room feel larger than it is.


but i ask you, what in the world am i supposed to do with that weird high shelf? {and please DON’T say that i need a stuffed-dead animal up there because i WILL slap you like i did Husbuddy when he keeps suggesting suggested that!} and seriously, who thought it was necessary to spot-light the bed??? hmmm?? #awkward

also, please note: smallest closet ever.


guest bedroom/studio/current office space:


hee hee, just you wait until i show you what we found when we took that THAT dropped

the nursery: eek! can’t wait to get started on this room!

nursery before

ironically it has the most closet space in the house. who says baby-girl doesn’t need lots of closet space!? ha. it’s also the only bedroom that’s carpeted-which i’m hoping will help to keep it warmer in there.

nursery before2

so there ya go. the much-requested house tour!

thanks for joining me on the tour friends! it will be fun to update you as we make it our home. so, what do you all think of the house?! i’d love to hear which room you’re most excited about.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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