i got out the paintbrush…

new painting   for the first time in ages. i actually sat down and painted a canvas. i’ve been dying to do it for months. i kept putting it off because i didn’t have time, or my studio was a mess, or i didn’t know what i would paint.

can you even believe it?

new painting detail new painting words

ya me neither.

and let me tell you, it felt SO good!

new painting overview

and here is my new piece! it is for a sweet little boy who had his 1st birthday party over the weekend. they are moving into a new house at the end of the summer, so i hope that it helps to decorate his room. ha. it always makes me nervous to give away my art though, because what if his momma doesn’t like it? and puts in the back of a closet? what if it ends up just being trash for her when i’ve put my heart into it? always, always, there’s that fear. but sometimes it’s just best to face our fears and give what we have.

that’s all God asks of us, right? to be me. so i give and hope that Jesus’ words inspire this little boy’s life. Happy 1st birthday Parker!

“and he said to them, “follow me and i will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

new painting size

i kind of feel the same way about selling my art. it’s scary to put it out there and then be rejected! but, if you happen to want a copy of this painting for your own little boy’s room, or for a little boy you know, or may sometime know in the future, i’m selling the printable in my etsy shop.

you can buy it, i email you the pdf, and then you print it as many times as you want! yup, you read that right. {that’s how it works with all of my printables!} to me, that’s a great deal! i mean, heck, when a little boy’s birthday comes along this year, all you have to do is buy a frame and print off a copy of this and bam-a-lam. you got yourself an awesome, meaningful little gift! hee hee. anyway. if you’re interested in purchasing the printable, go here.

i’m inspired to keep painting. hopefully i’ll finish another one soon! {you can see the beginnings of one on the right in the picture above! that is a commission for a couple of foster parents…woot! so excited to get back to it!} i have a bunch of ideas but not so much time… here’s to hoping i get to it before the end of the summer lol.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to i got out the paintbrush…

  1. Paige June 19, 2014 at 10:47 am #

    I love all the time and love you put into Parker’s present. It will definitely be going in his room or his bathroom. Either way- it’s very special and it will be one of the first things I hang up 🙂 xoxo

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