a few images from our thanksgiving

for our first thanksgiving in our new house, we had a couple of friends come visit!! Friendsgiving 2013!

it was so great that even though we couldn’t be with family, we were with friends who we consider to be family. it was a wonderfully filled with reunions and laughter and games and time.

the most adorable reunion was the reunion of these two puppies who’ve been best friends since they were pups. they haven’t seen each other in a year and a half but they picked up right where they left off… wrestling each other over squeaky toys and having competitions for who looked the cutest.


the celebration started with celebrating Husbuddy’s birthday out on Wednesday.  he wanted was a gluten free beer so we headed to a local brewery that serves such things. happy birthday to my mister!

JT's birthday

but really, it was the company that was the main thing that Husbuddy wanted for his birthday.

we are so thankful for each of these beautiful people.


this little guy is the adorable son of our friends Justin and Jenna. they came all the way from Emery in Atlanta:




and the Estes traveled  from Princeton, NJ:


and they of course brought the one and only, Owen.  in this picture he was thinking that his daddy playing wii frisbee was pretty much the most hysterical thing in the world.




this picture of the boys on the couch kills me with it’s adorableness. it makes me think of when little isaac said “uncle jt!” …it pretty much melted my heart.

boys on couch


we had lots of fun just hanging out. we didn’t really do anything too special while everyone was around. it was just fun to be with each other.

owens meal


and of course there was lots of cooking and baking. like 3 gluten free/dairy free pies!  everyone was really sweet to make sure that Husbuddy could eat pretty much everything for the dinner.

the girls and pies


and a 22 lb turkey! ummm…who decided that we needed THAT big of a turkey for 6 grownups? just saying… it was crazy huge. but Husbuddy did an awesome job cooking it! and leftovers are awesome!

cutting the turkey

and here is the obligatory “family” shot at the dinner table. (minus 1 sleepy little boy) it was a wonderful thanksgiving! we are so blessed by each one of these people and we were so thankful to share our first thanksgiving with them!

thanksgiving table


i pray you all had a wonderful thanksgiving as well and enjoyed time with friends and family…or both!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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