inspiration from Edgartown

this month has been stock full of adventures. this past week we had my in-laws visiting. it was a wonderful time, lots of beach time, lots of great food and even better company. one of my favorite things we did while they were here was visit Martha’s Vineyard.

do you even know how beautiful it is there??!!

i had no idea.

drop dead gorgeous. the architecture is colonial and just breath taking. the flowers are blooming. the picket fences are perfectly white. you are on an island and it feels like a different kind of paradise. no wonder there were a million yachts in the harbor. this is where the rich and famous visit. we felt out of place and we just kept gasping and ooo-ing and awe-ing.

yup. we were those tourists that the rich and famous are embarrassed by. 😉 hee hee.

for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this little photo-show of architectural snapshots from around Edgartown:




these pictures can not even begin to describe the beauty that we found there… but maybe it will inspire you as much as i’m inspired by them!

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