instagram from the weekend

a few instagram photos from our weekend::

an early morning walk along Atlantic Avenue… LOVE seeing the sun on the ocean. 🙂


some ornaments were perfected. another post with “how to” soon! Image


i got to play with this little cutie… just a little 🙂 this girl coos more than any other baby i’ve ever met. so cute::



we may have been one of “those people” who went to see it on it’s opening weekend. eek! loved it! husbuddy loved it too:: Image




there was some work done… just hanging out on top of a beach house roof- in the snow/sleet- to measure how high the second floor to be in order to see the ocean view! haha. my boss pretending to be saying something important, but really just hilarious::Image

after the roof adventure we made it into Newburyport again for a cup of hot goodness. a coffee shop that makes it’s own dairy free chocolate and makes drinks with almond milk for husbuddy! definitely an exciting new find. and the snow was so pretty!Image

i’m sad to see the weekend end… but it just means that we’re a little closer to Christmas! yay!

what adventures did you have this weekend?

xoxo-kimberly renee


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