it’s a busy busy season!

it’s a crazy, busy, a i-can’t-believe-it’s-already-december kind of season.

So, in light of this crazy, busy time, I wanted to inform my dearest readers that for the Christmas Season, any custom orders on Etsy need to be purchased by Saturday the 10th to ensure that you’ll get your special gift in time to put it under your sparkly tree!

My most popular item: Custom Architectural Renderings, has been flying off the shelf {so to speak} a little crazy lately, so I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows to order them in time!


Other custom orders include the GRACE and LOVE posters– which would be perfect Christmas gifts for someone who wants some font-filled art on their wall. Or  the Custom PopArt Painting for that special someone who would love a little custom vintage pop.

So please, get those orders in this next week so I can get them out to you in time!

thanks for understanding 🙂

xo- Santa’s little rendering elf.

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