it’s the little things

you guys. i have a crazy fun story.

it’s about dreams and about wants and about silly little things. {and it’s rather long. if you actually read the whole thing you deserve a medal or something.}

dining area

see this picture from O-So-long-ago? when we bought our house, this was to be our dining room and i desperately wanted to tear down that ceiling fan and hang a chandelier or something more “dining room” like. tell me…WHO eats dinner with a fan blowing? maybe i’m the crazy one, but 1. who likes the wind/dust/air blowing from above your food anyway? and 2. who can stand the flickering light of the fan moving with the lights on? it makes me dizzy.

Dining Room

well, we didn’t have that in the budget or time frame so there it sat. (collecting dust. really. gross. dust over our food. let’s not think about it.)

for what seemed like ever.

which really, it’s only been 2.5 years…

well. ever since we moved in, i’ve been on the lookout from something really fun to hang there instead of that fan. because, duh. the thing is there wasn’t ever any money for something so vain as wanting something pretty! i’d save my personal money but then it always seemed to disappear and go for “the cause” as Husbuddy calls it. ha. so anyway when i say i’d “be on the lookout” really meant 1. i prayed about my silly little heart-desires(cause let me tell you, there’s a few!) and i’d give the things i “want” up to the Lord, trusting that He will provide for what i need…even if it’s not what i want… and He’d change my heart on things i don’t need…  and 2. i’d wander through a used furniture store or through the ReStore hoping i’d find something gorgeous and cheap.

hence the 2.5 year wait.

but you guys! about a month ago Husbuddy and i were running a  few errands and i randomly decided i wanted to browse through the ReStore, again.  he never gets annoyed at my random wanderings...he always graciously loves to waste time… he sweetly and ever so gentlemanly came along. well we walked out of the store empty handed again. i am pretty sure i was explaining to him again, that my heart really just wanted a lantern. like an outdoor porch lantern or a hanging foyer lantern. i was trying to explain to him that idea as he was backing out the car, and i looked around at a man walking INTO the drop off area of the ReStore, and i shouted, “Like THAT!” Husbuddy looked at the excitement on my face and he told me he would park and wait for me as i was busting out the door before he even stopped the car.

see, someone had just dropped off almost the exact lantern i was dreaming of.  well, maybe not exactly, it was covered in spider webs and it had broken glass, but i didn’t care. i saw from the car who the man gave it to. then i raced in to the back of the store and searched for it like a mad-woman. i knew it would not be there for long. something that gorgeous? ya-nope. it would be gone in minutes. hence, the madwomen scene. i finally found it behind the work counter. yup. i was THAT crazy, i found where it was tucked away and i grabbed it, and then proceeded to march around the store looking for the person that put it there.

i found the employee and he gave me a really weird look. it was similar to what i’d imagine, “who do you think you are picking that up from behind my desk? are you a crazy lady?”

but i proceeded to explain to him that i saw the person dropping it off and i really really wanted it! he said that they usually don’t sell it until it’s been cleaned up, look how dirty it was!

but i said, i didn’t care and i would clean it.

finally, for i was afraid he wouldn’t even let me buy it, he said he would sell it to me for $10. eek! i could hardly contain my excitement! i knew that if he would have cleaned it up they would have charged $60 –at least!

so he gave me a little slip of paper with his signature saying it was $10 and sent me to the checkout desk. well, i got to the front and the lady gave me a look and said, “really? we’re selling that? i’m not sure we can…” i may have freaked a little. i explained to her the story again and said i didn’t mind cleaning it, etc. and then…

and then she almost didn’t sell it to me.

she said she wasn’t supposed to sell something that dirty and broken. ah!!  no!!! i could just see it slipping away. she must have seen it on my face, because then she said, “ok, well since i’m not supposed to sell it why don’t you just take it. for free.”

um, really?!


that really happened! i mean, in REAL life! it’s silly, i know. but it made me so giddy with excitement.

it also completely touched my heart. i felt like i received a little kiss or gift from the Lord. i know, it sounds silly. but i truly believe that He made me the way i am, He made me to love creating my home to be pretty and fun, He created ME that way, and He knows what my heart desires, even silly little things–> like a new lamp. He delights to give me the gift of a new day, He delights to give me the gift of Sophia laughing in my lap and He delights to give me a lantern that will make me smile and appreciate that He provides for EVERYTHING. i seriously believe that He is a God that gives us ALL of the gifts we have in this life. even silly little things like this new lantern that really fit in our budget…lol.

we went straight home and i started cleaning it right away. i took out all the glass because almost every piece was broken.  i cleaned out all the bugs and spider webs and scrubbed that thing like crazy.

i was ready to install it that day.

lantern cleaned2 lantern cleaned

well, that was two months ago.

life gets busy and it took us forever to figure out what to do about the fact that this lantern had a tiny little cover plate for the ceiling while the fan had a huge circumference which we were sure, judging by the rest of the house, was going to be a mess of plaster and we’d have to patch it.

then i wondered, well, people deal with this all the time, isn’t there some sort of cover you can just put under the cover plate? um, for your information, why yes. yes there is.

hello ceiling medallion. duh


it’s embarrassing how long it took me to think of that.

ah well. but 15$ later we were back in business! and then an hour or two of Husbuddy fiddling and cursing and wiring and attaching– we have a brand new lamp! {and don’t you mind our crooked ceiling…this is a rather crooked old house}

lantern installed husbuddy

and i am in love!

lantern dining room lantern installed

waiting and waiting and praying and stalking really paid off…don’tcha think?

xoxo-kimberly renee


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One Response to it’s the little things

  1. Susan May 11, 2016 at 6:54 am #

    Hey Kim! Thanks for the read! I like those stories! It’s a great reminder that God cares about all things in our lives, even the small ones! He knows what is important to us and I believe he places each gift at the perfect time and place where we can truly see the gift from him and then truly appreciate it. Your are such a fun loving and creative person! I love when people get excited and give God the credit! God is good 🙂 all the time.

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