japan {part 3}

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IMG_1267_osaka subway map

on another day we rode a subway and a couple of trains to a little town outside of Osaka. part of the adventure was getting there!  as you can tell from the subway map above… we didn’t have much to help us if we got lost.

everyone is read for an ad-ven-ture!
IMG_1269_family in subway station

dad reading up on the subway of the town we are headed to:
IMG_1272_dad in subway

Tondabayashi. it is an historic town that wasn’t bombed during WWII and has houses that are 400 years old! this architect-girl was excited.
IMG_1275_family i took my 50 lens which wasn’t really perfect for getting good shots of an entire building. so i focused on architectural details IMG_1280_japanese house this map showed where the historic houses were: IMG_1281_tondabayashi

this was in the public restroom. old gargoyles and pretty rain “gutters”: IMG_1283__tondabayashi house

gargoyle faces up close: IMG_1284__tondabayashi gargoyles

these little vents were pointed out in all the brochures for some reason… never explained in english, so we’ll just say this is a pretty roof: IMG_1285__tondabayashi roof

and all the houses are still lived in! IMG_1288__tondabayashi house

and i loved this. an open site has a sign for house floor plans you could buy. what cracked me up was that the lot size was probably the size of a standard american -in-the-city lot that would fit 1 house rather tightly! it has 5 lots in that space. FIVE.

i was also entertained by the floor plans. i took lots of pictures of it but i won’t bore you with that. 🙂 IMG_1292_tondabayashi residential ad

a giant temple in the middle of a neighborhood: IMG_1304_tondabayashi shrine a pretty roof edge. i liked that this house had a person in place of the normal gargoyle: i think i read that it was supposed to be an old relative of the person who built the house watching over them. kinda cracked me up. lol.  IMG_1305_tondabayashi roof detail a HUGE gate: IMG_1307__tondabayashi family in front of shrine gate and a little lantern. you notice the hole behind it? they had their drainage systems as about 8-12″ wide ditches on each side of the road. (they are all over japan). my little sister calls them “tourist traps” because actually it’s really hard not get your tire stuck in it when you’re driving! haha IMG_1315_tondabayashi street light

up close and personal with a gargoyle: IMG_1322_tondabayashi gargoyle


and because i have to remind you that we ate while we were there: That night we had a Tempura party!  IMG_1334_tempura it was delish! maybe my favorite meal. we tried all sorts of kinds of tempura and mom and i also tried the plum wine. yum. 🙂

{to be continued… it’s taking me forever to edit all these photos!}


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