japan {part 4}

you guys, i’ve been sick. SO sick. cold/fever/cough from japan! oh man!

{hey that rhymed!}

i come to you today trying not to cough the entire post, but i wanted to keep going with getting these pictures up! so it will be a quick one.


after a couple days we left Osaka and headed to the mountains.

“I want to see mountains again, mountains, Gandalf!”

-Bilbo, The Lord of the Rings.

{betcha didn’t think you were going to get some literature quotes with this post, did ya?}

Becca lives in a tiny little town up in the mountains between Osaka and Kyoto. it was a lovely train ride. but before we really got into the mountains we stopped at this amazing castle that i wanted to see.

can’t you tell from this map that it must be a beautiful place?!  a castle on top of a hill. beautiful moats. lots of winding streets:

IMG_1347_himeji castle map

see? we’re so excited to enter the gate:

{well, actually Dad is sick-aka THE SICKNESS I HAVE NOW}

that and the weather was being super helpful with  a freezing-bone-chilling-drizzle of rain.

but just think, as soon as we walk through this gate, it’s going to be a gorgeous castle on top of a hill!  IMG_1339_himeji castle family

womp womp: IMG_1341_himeji castle

it was in a BOX. thank GOODNESS SAKES that they put up a big poster of what it was supposed to look like, cause, man. would i have been disappointed if i didn’t have that.*

{*slight sarcasm in case you didn’t notice}

SAD DAY for this little architect.

AND this amazing park that was supposed to be around it was just a little disappointing…
IMG_1357_himeji castle

but i quickly got over it and focused on the details. they were still pretty!

and we actually got to go up inside the box and see the castle up close and personal. it also showed how they restore it. which is actually pretty cool! we kept telling ourselves that if the box wasn’t there we wouldn’t have been able to do that:

IMG_1363_himeji castle

and look, because it was being restored there were architectural/structural plans for us to check out:  IMG_1368_himeji castle

and models! look, they even showed what the box looked like… in case you couldn’t see from, i don’t know, standing outside.*

IMG_1370_himeji castle

luckily i have a hilarious sister who always makes things fun:  IMG_1372_becca

bawhahahah. ok i’m officially dead meat since i put up that up there. good thing she is still in japan for another year or more.

i guess the cherry trees were starting to bloom. that was pretty. and there were a couple pretty walkways. and my sister is pretty:

IMG_1379_himeji castle

and there were these cool little archery-holes. i don’t know if that’s what they were. i just guessed. seems like a good plan to me though. tiny holes, different shapes, surprise surprise, is the arrow coming at you from the rectangle or triangle?!
IMG_1380_himeji castle IMG_1381_himeji castle

haha. ok. i’m a dork.

but so are these two: and i love them anyway: IMG_1384_himeji castle becca and mom

we found lunch at a tiny hole in the wall down the street.  there were about 6 tables in the whole restaurant. 3 were typical japanese style where you take off your shoes and sit on the floor at a low table with your legs crossed. the other 3 were “western” tables with civilized chairs. we kind of thought it was hilarious that all the japanese in the restuarant were sitting at the western tables and all the japanese tables were open, so we had to sit on the floor… kind of made us wonder, why don’t they just give up on the whole japanese style thing if they’re all just going to go for western style anyway?

{note, we had the same discussion about the toilets…always a line for the western style and always open squatty-potties…but seriously, this is lunch, we won’t talk about that here}

i had chow mein: {i have no idea what that meat was. not bacon. not really pork. well maybe. i don’t know} it was pretty good though:: Photo Mar 27, 2 43 30 AM

and then we hit up starbucks before getting on the train.

you think i’m joking.

but we were wet and cold and grumpy (from sitting on the floor) and needed a little encouragement. ha.

and we knew were headed for the boonies, so might as well get it while we can!

but look at this amazing view from the train! ::
IMG_1388_train ride

i love how the mountains stick straight up! and the land was totally flat going up to it- no foothills! not like colorado at all.

and we saw some pretty cool looking farm houses: IMG_1389_train ride

and i got to sit with my sissy, make jokes and laugh at our dad snoring from his cold…

little did we know we would get our revenge 2 weeks later… {cough cough cough}
IMG_1391_train ride

{please note, if i’ve said anything rude or un-fun while trying to be funny, i blame the cough syrup and take no responsibility.}

xo- this girl who stayed up past her sick-bedtime{7 pm} to write this.

ps- if you’ve missed any of my other posts about japan, check it out: part 1, part 2, part 3


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  1. bookwormbeccastravels April 18, 2013 at 9:43 pm #

    Expect ninjas in the night.

    • Kimberly Renee April 19, 2013 at 8:38 am #

      good thing i have nightengale floors. lol

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