jerzey shore {with the fam.}

my family was visiting last weekend. and by family, i mean 5/6 of my family. my brother doesn’t love his sister apparently… but that’s another story.

this story is entirely about sunshine and water and fun.

we went to the shore last week. you have to say shore with a jersey accent… otherwise you get it all wrong.

we were all full of excitement!

certain people were too cute to scoot.

there was dancing.

there were shells to be found.

the water was perfect.

there were cute moma’s in hats.

there was a lot of sitting under the umbrella

lots of sunshine and smiles.

there was some swimsuit posing.

maybe too many swimsuit pictures…

sorry guys, but the only person who looks cute is my littlest sister Amy…

“adorbs” is a word that she would use {teenage slang for adorable} or “tots presh” {teenage for “totally precious”}. but she would defend herself and say that she only used to say those words… not any more… she IS 20 after all…

fun was had by all… even a husbuddy who was getting over strep throat…

but enough with the pictures…
can we get in the water already?

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  1. nanlaurit August 17, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

    I think y’all look cute in your swimsuits. 🙂

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