lent continued


day by day getting out my camera. the lent venture continues. lent day 22 lent day 23 lent day 23a lent day 24a lent day 25 lent day 26 lent day 27

  • day 22 – babysitting someone else’s baby. eek! babies are such a gift and reminder of hope!
  • day 23 – morning reading time with daddy. the cutest because she was kicking her feet.
    • and FRIENDS VISITING! best day in a long time! we love having old friends come to visit!
  • day 24 -walking in our backyard. spring is *almost* here.
  • day 25 – feeding herself has become a new desired skill. oatmeal for breakfast sometimes means we have oatmeal in our hair the rest of the day
  • day 26 – nap time. blessed nap time. sometimes it happens in the car and we sit in the garage until she wakes up…
  • day 27 – helping the dog with his dinner…while wearing her purse no less

i promise, i’ll try to find other things to be thankful for and take pictures of for the rest of lent. i can’t help it that the little thing is the main thing in my life right now. hee hee.

anyone else doing something daily during lent? how’s it going? is it getting a little tough to stay diligent with it for you like it is me?

xoxo-kimberly renee


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