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here are some of our photos for lent from this past week:

day 15 day 16 day 17 day 18 day 19

day 20

  • day 15 – helping daddy plant some tomato seeds!
  • day 16 – essential  oils to the RESCUE! i’m a total addict but you guys, they are amazing.

{they work so well! we all fought a sickness this weekend. most of the time these oils help keep sickness away, but when we do get it, i KNOW these oils help our bodies fight the sickness better! especially for a Husbuddy who has a weak immune system. he used to ALWAYS get sinus infections and since using oils, he only gets them once in a while. i call it a win. and they also help him fight the cold/sickness way better! i know they help sophia a lot too. she has only had one ear infection in her life and i totally blame attribute it to the oils. whew. i kinda went off there. i could probably do a lot of posts about it. contact me if you want to chat about it.}

  • day 17 – tea cups make me happy…because it means tea!
  • day 18 – i got the paint brushes out… WHAT. it felt so good. more to come i’m sure.
  • day 19 – rearranging of furniture happens ALL THE TIME at my house. sorry/notsorry husbuddy.
  • day 20 – cute little fingers holding a cute little cup of milk. cuteness.
xoxo-kimberly renee


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