lent thankfuls

day 2 lent day 3 lent day 4 lent day 5 lent


thankful for:

  • day 2: helping daddy play guitar
  • day 3: cozy baby bunny slippers are cute and warm
  • day 4: special chocolate cake for my 30th birthday by a thoughtful and generous husband (who can’t even share it with me because it’s full of gluten and dairy!)
  • day 5: happy and bright flowers blooming in the middle of the coldest weekend of the winter.


lent outtake flower girl milk outtake happy girl outtake 2 happy girl outtake because even though they are blurry they are worth mentioning.

in other news, the fact that i have had my camera out every day has apparently been very inspiring for a certain little girl… who pulled it off the counter to a very detrimental crash… hoping that it can be fixed so i can continue this venture… may have to use good ol’ camera phone pics for the rest of lent photos. sad day! oi.

xoxo-kimberly renee



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