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life around here lately has been crazy. well, it seems crazy. but i guess if i really start to think about it, i’ve really only been feeding the baby and TRYING to get her to take her naps. she’s teething i think at the moment because there’s LOTS of drool, LOTS of fussy and LOTS of gumming fingers. oh man!

it’s amazing how Husbuddy will come home from work and ask me what i did during the day and sometimes, honestly, all i can say is ” i kept your daughter fed and alive.” eieie.

every morning i wake up with a list of “to-dos” and it can be really depressing to think of the list at the end of the day and not be able to check one thing off! oh man, how did my mother raise FOUR of these little stinkers?! it’s ALL worth it though when she smiles and giggles at me, which is all the time!  i know she just wants to be near me all the time because she loves me and that’s worth not getting things done and living a little bit of a crazy life right now. it’s only for a season. i keep telling Husbuddy, she’ll be over this and on to the next thing before we know it!

in the mean time, here are a couple of pictures of what we’ve been up to recently:

working with daddy

Sophia helping daddy work.

at church

hanging out in daddy’s office at church {yup, this happens a lot}

daddy and me

cuddles with daddy are her favorite.

smiling walk

riding in the jogging stroller is so much fun! {um, no, momma isn’t jogging yet but its perfect for walks!}


and getting worn out after walks is just so darn cute. and that hat. that hat is so darn cute on that little head!

momma and me

practicing our smiles at starbucks half price frap happy hour. woot! it was even one of the first really hot days here in Lancaster!

daddy and sophia

and lunch dates with daddy are the best.

really, i guess we’ve been trying to get outside and enjoy the spring weather. we’ve also been trying to enjoy time with a busy daddy as much as possible. life is good! even if it’s crazy!

so what about you? have you been able to get out and enjoy the nice spring weather? has your life been crazy too with end-of-the-school- year things?

xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to life lately

  1. Sherri Brown May 23, 2014 at 7:03 am #

    I’m glad to see you are able to be out and about – Sophia is, honestly, one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. I’ve been busy digging ditches and flowerbeds and building stone walls. The other day (during that huge rain storm) Mindy and I spent 2.5 hrs outside making sure that water ran the correct direction. The excavating project presented new issues. About the lists…. I’m also a list person and feel like if I haven’t checked things off, then I’ve not done anything all day. What worked for me when the kids were little (I know you hear that a lot from me) 🙂 is to micro list. Put “little” things down, because let’s face it, that’s about all you’re going to get done until the little squirt is a few years older. I would put – brush teeth, read a book to kiddo, sort through one pile of clothing, sweep the front porch. If you have a bigger project, break it down into 15 minute jobs. Like if I was going to paint the front door, I’d put 1) get paint and brushes out. 2) sand door, 3) prime door and save the bigger parts of the job for nap time or when Dad is home (or call me and I’ll come and watch Sophia so you can do that part). That way, if you get just one little thing done you can still check it off the list. I’ve even been known to put something on the list that I’ve already done, just so I can check it off.

    Remember that what you’re doing, raising Sophia, is extremely important. And that there are tons of folks who have been through it and know how you’re feeling. It’s normal to feel a little trapped and like you’re not getting anything done, but you are!!! I can’t wait to have Sophia in Sunday School 🙂 – so keep up the good work!!!!!! Sherri

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