“little architect blocks” {easy diy gift!}

i’m kind of in love with these cute little blocks that i made Sophia and our Godson for Christmas. i’ve been a busy bee working on architectural renderings for my etsy shop.  i have windows and doors on the brain and so when i saw THESE cute little blocks, i was inspired to put my own twist on it. AND, i need to start imparting my architecty-ways on the offspring. LOL. ya right.


if you need a last minute diy gift for a baby/toddler in your life, check this out!  diy little architect blocks

first of all, i found these blocks at Michaels.  i sanded and primed them. blocks start

blocks how to 1 then i painted them with acrylic-non-toxic paint and sanded them again. i wanted to make all the edges soft. and i like the worn look so i don’t have to worry about it looking perfect!  blocks how to 2 then i added black shapes for the windows and doors and then highlighted them with white pen. THAT EASY.

just repeat for all you blocks!   blocks how to 3  i may have added letters to the bottoms of the  blocks just for fun. now that i think about it- it would have been a little fun to use stamp letters! oh well! next time!

blocks details1a and for the “roof” i drew on little shingles and pitches. i wanted to cut the blocks to have them have triangle roofs, but this way was simplier and more fun to switch the blocks around.  blocks details3 then i added some details! what are little architect blocks without details? window boxes- check. light fixtures-check. balcony railings- check. round windows- DUH.

the words were a space filler for the bottoms of the in-between-floors… but you could always add more windows or something so it could be rotated.  blocks details2a  they were polished with beeswax which is an allnatural wax that wood-toy makers use. i thought it was a good idea for little people who like to put these in their mouth.

i also made drawstring bags to store them in because of course, the houses need a place to sleep at night.

sophias blocks

for Sophia’s set i actually have two sizes. just an experiment. it will be funny to see which size she likes better. of course, she can always mix and match! that’s the beauty of this “design”! ha.  bag it’s all wrapped up and under the Christmas tree! i hope  this project gives you any ideas for something you can make!

xoxo-kimberly renee

{ps- i also wondered if this would be a fun thing to offer in my shop for purchase? what do you think?}

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2 Responses to “little architect blocks” {easy diy gift!}

  1. Frank December 18, 2014 at 3:12 pm #

    Very cool and very clever!

  2. Sharon December 18, 2014 at 8:27 pm #

    If you go in to business, Bud and I would like two sets for Christmas next year (earlier would be better as we will probably take them to Florida and North Carolina when we go south this summer.) Let me know!

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