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*New* for sale in my shop. little architect blocks were inspired by one of my favorite places in all the world:

Cinque Terre: this is Riomaggiore:

Italy pics 938

you look at that picture and that rumble jumble of buildings and think- it’s so fun, and different, and beautiful! well, let me tell you, pictures don’t even do this place justice. but that’s not what i’m talking about today. all i’m saying is that- Cinque Terre inspired my design of these children’s blocks:

little architect blocks3

i imagine the bright colors of italy and the tall houses and cozy living quarters as i play with i mean as i paint these. little architect blocks2


they are perfectly imperfect. just like those 5 sweet coastal towns in italy. the lines aren’t straight. they are sketchy and the edges are sanded to give them a rough look and perfect for little imaginations.

little architect blocks


l.a.b play

you may remember that last year i made these for Sophia for Christmas. well, she’s been playing with them all year and i’ve gotten some sweet comments on them.  i couldn’t help but ask if people would be interested in buying them as Christmas gifts!  so i made some more and now i will be offering them in my shop!

l.a.b. playing

the starting set will come as a set of 10 blocks with three colors. you pick colors and tell me if it’s for a girl or a boy. {basically for the color of the little bag that you can keep/carry them in} if you want to add extra blocks and extra colors, that’s totally up to you! i paint them with water based acrylic paint, sand the corners and add pen details and then polish them with beeswax. {just to make it safe, i would say wait till the kid isn’t sucking on everything in the world before you give these to them. they are perfectly safe, just be smart and seriously, the blocks just don’t need teeth marks in them! ha.} girl and blocks2 girl and blocks


who doesn’t want a set of blocks that is TOTALLY different from the normal ABCs?! {yes, those are good too, i’m just saying variety is good for the soul people…tee hee} product boy

product bag

who doesn’t want to inspire the little mini architect to build? to be honest though, my little architect’s favorite part is to destroy…  product info product girl


you can even get them with letters to spell out a name or initials.

product full bag

she also loves to help me pick them up. i think it’s the bag with the drawstring. she thinks it’s fun to dump and then put away and then to drag around the room. playing with bag

walking with bag2


these are the starting colors but we can always think outside the box… there’s a lot of color options!  product colors


what little kid wouldn’t want to build fun little houses {and then knock them down?} 

l.a.b. it’s september and i’ve already got you covered for that Christmas present.

check it out here.

xoxo-kimberly renee.


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