a little can of paint {day 21}

lots of people keep asking if everything is all ready for baby to arrive in the nursery. i just answer, well, i’ve painted the dresser!

i have a LOT more to do to get ready and to organize but today’s picture comes from my view of  while waxing the dresser today. it’s amazing what a little can of paint can do.

here is the sad state of the dresser to start with: {along with random memorabilia from both of our childhoods- i guess i should have CLEANED off the dresser before taking this photo…ack}  before dresser

this dresser came with our bedroom set from when we got married. we got a “cheap” bedroom set when we thought we were getting a good deal on a “nice” bedroom set. ever happen to you?! so frustrating! pieces started falling apart immediately and the finish was horrible.  and it’s too bad you buy so much of your furniture when you’re too young to know what you like…too soon i realized that i didn’t really like the orange-tone of the fake veneer wood {who knew i wouldn’t like the orange?!} or the vanity mirror that went with this dresser. the bed frame fell apart after our 3rd move. so, needless to say, i was just fine with giving up this dresser for baby as long as we could make it look nice enough.

thankfully, my in-laws were in town to help! JT’s dad fixed all the drawers that were wonky and secured the frame to make it more sturdy. he’s such a thoughtful handyman and he really made it SO much better!!  And Pam helped me paint! i had wanted to try using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because i’ve heard and read such rave reviews.

painting drawers with pam

it goes on SO easy. no sanding, no priming. no VOC. water based. wow! we were both amazed. if the color of the wood behind the paint had been better we probably would have only needed 1 coat and we would have rubbed the edges to give it more of a distressed look. but neither of us liked the orange showing through the gray so we actually did 2 coats.

painting drawers


it’s amazing what a couple of coats of paint will do. it transformed the piece from one i semi-hated to one that i’m in love with. baby girl’s clothes and diapers area going to look so good in this little beauty!

here is a view of the dresser at the moment. i’ve done 1 coat of wax and will probably add another just to make sure it’s completely covered. i begged Husbuddy spray paint the drawer pulls pink. i wanted to get new pretty glass pulls but that would have added too much to the cost. so i just went with what we had and spray painted them!

day 21

once i get the room painted a little more organized, i’ll show an “after” picture. for now, here’s my little tease. hee hee.

sometimes change- just a little change- like the amount of change a can of paint can bring- is GOOD. has anyone else had the revelation? or is that just me? has anyone else tried Chalk Paint(note: it’s not chalkboard paint!!)? what were your thoughts?

xoxo-kimberly renee

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