little feet

why are little feet so darn adorable?

there aren’t that many little feet in my life.

but i have to say, out of the few that i know, these have to be a pair of the cutest:

partly because the little guy that these feet belong to, is so dear to me.

he loves to smile and laugh at husbuddy. he lets me hold him (only sometimes cause it’s scary to be away from momma!) he wears the cutest hats. he loves to have little adventures by going on walks. he is learning to laugh and learning to use his hands. he had the best little first birthday a little over a week ago.

dear friends, i know that i’ve mentioned this before, but if you wouldn’t mind, please stay with me. things are rough right now for these little feet. please pray for this little guy. you can see more here, at his blog.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” matt. 18:20

thanks for your prayers, friends. xoxo

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