my little friend Owen {and God’s providence}

today, i’m going to share with you a little bit of my heart. i want to talk about friends. about money. and about the providence of God.

how is that for a way-over-the-top  and ambitious blog post? ha! 

i have a little friend named Owen. if you’ve followed me for a while you’ve heard about him once or twice… hee hee. we first met almost 3 years ago when he was born February 2011 with a LOT of complications at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). he is a champ of a little boy! he was born without his esophagus connected {you can read his whole diagnosis and full story hereand the first few days of his life were really scary.

then after his first birthday he got really sick again and ended up down in CHOP for an extended stay. he’s a little fighter though and after some of the hardest months of his poor parent’s lives, he came home.

it hasn’t been easy, but now he a smiley little dude who loves to chat with his grandparents on skype, go on walks with his dad, and read books with his mom. he is a little rock star!

he still has to be fed with a feeding tube through the stomach and he has multiple therapy sessions  every week in order to help him grow the best that he can. he is learning how to push himself with a little gait trainer and loves his tricycle.  he just had surgery this summer to give him a thumb! for Halloween he was Max from his favorite book Where the Wild Things Are!

even though he has had such a rough start in life, this little boy is one of the happiest little boys i have ever met. i am so blessed every time i get to hold him or laugh with him!

he reminds me of God’s providence in everything in life. God is in control of this little boy’s life and that is evident EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Owen was not expected by the doctors to continue breathing when they took him off the breathing tube in the first couple weeks of his life… but God continue to fill his lungs with air. he was a living miracle from the beginning!

there have been countless miracles in his short little life. the power of prayer has been amazing to watch. 

and every day, it is all God.

to His glory, this little boy is a living, breathing testimony that God provides. you can follow more of his story on his blog. but i wanted to mention one more thing here.

his parents need to buy a van because the little dude is getting bigger. he may soon have more equipment that will be hard to fit in their car and soon he will get too big to be able to lift in and out of a car seat. Joel and Sharon also have a little brother on the way, so to fit two carseats into their current car along with Owen’s special stroller is out of the question. the problem is that these vans are WAY beyond the normal price range for a car. $67,000 more than a normal car!! especially to get outfitted with all the special needs equipment! on their blog Joel is asking for any help that anyone would want to give. {please feel free to read Joel’s post here}

so i wanted to share with you, my dear friends, the opportunity to provide anything you can. no matter how small.


God provides. He provides Owen’s breath every day. He provides our very breath. and He also uses us to provide for others.

the same day that Joel’s blog came out about the van, in my devotional i read these verses:

“Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise I may have too much and disown you and say, “Who is the Lord?” or I may become poor and steal and so dishonor the name of God”  -Prov. 30:8-9

“You can not serve both God and money” -Matt. 6:24

“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it” – Psalm 24:1

see, we all struggle with money. Husbuddy and i are constantly discussing it, fighting about it, complaining about it… the list goes on. we never have as much as we wish we did. it is so easy to feel like there isn’t enough to go around us, so how can we give anything? but that’s the thing. if we believe and trust that God provides… that He provided the money to begin with… that He gives us what we need for TODAY… we know without a doubt that He will continue to provide for our today...every day

and if God provides the very breath that we breathe, how can we hold on to money like it’s ours to keep?


{image from Owen’s blog}

this post is not to guilt you OR ME into anything, but i just wanted to share some of my heart.

i wanted to share with you my love for this little boy and his family.

and i wanted to share with you HOW AMAZING it is that God provides everything we have! even our very breath!

if you feel so inclined, you can donate to the Estes Van Campaign on this website: and you can read more details on this blog post:  don’t worry, if you don’t donate, you can still pray! prayers have worked miracles before in this little boy’s life and i know they will continue to do so!

thank you in advance for all of your help and prayers!! may you experience the wonder of God’s providence in your own life today.

xoxo-kimberly renee


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