little joys

this past weekend was bitter-sweet. it was our second to last weekend here in Jersey. we spent a lot of time packing but we also had a good time counting the “little joys” and trying not to be sad.

little joys include getting to sit in the backseat while our Hubs’ drive to our friday-night double date!

oh, double dates, what fun.

especially fun when the double date has been funded by a very sweet, loving, and kind benefactor. Thank you, you know who!! 🙂

dear, dear friends, even though we won’t be living right down the street any more, you’ll still be close in our hearts. true friendships are like that, you know? no matter how far away we get, whenever we get together it will be like no time has passed. true friendships can pick up right where we left off. true friendships in Christ last forever. we are blessed to have you two in our lives for that long.

we LOVE you guys.

another little joy included an early Saturday morning pedicure (Sharon’s first one ever-no less!) and ice tea:

it helped that they messed up our appointment so we got a major deal on our foot message + Cajun shrimp  update. 🙂 and it was pretty hilarious watching the very-jersey-girl’s face when we told her it was Sharon’s first one! {and really, to be fair, only my second :)} it is pretty much a known fact that most good little  jersey-girls get pedicures at least once, if not twice a month. well, i guess it’s a known fact to us now, after hearing all about it at the salon… haha.

the little joy of smelling the flowers: it really amazes me the quantity of flowers that are in this state. so many to find and so many to smell!

On Saturday, while packing, we found a little joy laughing at the antics of a confused little puppy:

he could not figure out why we were putting everything in boxes and why we kept him outside on the porch for so long.

awe… that face is just too cute.

almost as cute as when he crashed from all the exhaustion of packing. he worked very hard. {at least he believed that}

and of course, on Sunday, another more joy was found by doing a little exploring in a near by town:

pretending that we were at the Anne of Green Gables train station. how quaint is that train station?!

and putting flowers in our hair. {because Anne would have…}

and watching the boys throw rocks (so typical and so cute)

and showing little O what Hopewell looks like from high in the air. he appreciated the perspective.

as you can see, we really didn’t get to do that much packing this past weekend… counting the little joys and moments with friends helps me to not be sad.

there are so many little things to be thankful for from our time here. so we’re trying to actively notice them and count them!

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