longwood gardens with friends

the perrellas

last week we went to Longwood Gardens again. remember when we went in the fall? {see that post here} last time i went with my friend, Gwenyth’s in-laws! Gwenyth loves this place and since i had so much fun last time, i was totally game to go again!  since it took *forever* to get three carseats situated into one car,{let’s not talk about it, mmmk?! lol} we stopped at starbucks on the way.

hailey and her starbucks hailey and starbucks

we didn’t actually buy that cute little one-year old a vanilla frap{it’s without coffee in case you’re worried!} but she ended up stealing her sister’s drink and wouldn’t give it up until it was gone. bawhaha. so that’s why we have adorable picture of sweet little Hailey with a starbucks cup. basically because i couldn’t stop laughing at the adorableness and the look of determination on her face. haha.  hanging flowers

anyway, what we came to see were all the pretty flowers! it was a gorgeous-not-too-hot day and it was perfect to wander around the grounds with all the babies. my only wish was that i had my 50mm lens for the flower shots!

african marigolds

those yellow flowers are called “african marigolds” and were as big as my hand! it’s hard to tell in the photo.


{my attempt at a selfie with my big camera…forgot to tell us to smile! ha.}


sophia and me

how do you get a good photo of a little baby who can barely see over the ergo carrier? oh well, we tried. the fountains sure were pretty!

perrellas walking along

i think what was most fun for me was watching the older girls exploring, knowing that in such a short time, that is going to be Sophia! little Hailey wanted to do everything her big sister was! hannah sky   with our babies

i even talked Hannah into taking a photo of Gwenyth and me with our babes. not bad for a 6 year old, huh?! no actually, it’s really good! we just should have picked a better background… i was trying to distract her when she wanted to go somewhere we weren’t going to go, so this was the background.

hailey toddling hailey

Hailey was SO sweet wanting to toddle around the entire place by herself. she only learned how to walk a few weeks ago! i could not stop laughing at her adorableness.



sophia and me2

we were there long enough that i got to feed Sophia on a bench next to the flowers. afterwards, she was content to just hang out and enjoy the beauty. hopefully we’ll make it to Longwood a few more times this year because they change the plants around all the time! it’s so fun!

have any of you ever been to Longwood Gardens? when is your favorite time to go?

xoxo-kimberly renee

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