how to make a {totally imperfect} pine-cone wreath

so, today i have another wreath tutorial for you. funny, that when i want to avoid actually working on something on my to-do list, i make wreaths. it makes me happy though! what can i say?!

how to make a {totally imperfect} pinecone wreath

at first i wasn’t going to share this because i was afraid it was rather ugly. but really, it’s just TOTALLY imperfect, and i kind of love its imperfectness. it makes me smile. and when we walk through the front door, both Husbuddy and i smile. i’ll get to why.

cheater pine cones

has anyone else noticed stores selling cinnamon scented pine-cones at the grocery stores and Michaels? i guess it’s a total waste of money for those of you that can just walk outside and get a big pile of pine-cones from your yard. but for those of us who don’t have any pine trees near by… it’s pretty fun to get cinnamon scented ones! i got these when Michaels was having their black-friday half off sale. yay! {YES, i’m crazy for going to michaels on black friday. but luckily it was late in the afternoon so there really weren’t that many people there}


  • pinecones {i used 2 bags because a lot of the pine-cones were broken} ย if you’re scavaging in the wild{of your backyard} i’d say have 24 or so of various sizes to choose from.
  • cardboard form {just cut out from a cardboard box, as explained how to make here}
  • hot glue
  • wire
  • burlap fabric for bow/hanger

wreath base- cardboard

i started this like i did my yarn wreath. just traced a bowl within a larger bowl to cut out card board circle. so cheap and easy, thank you very much. that’s what we’re going for here.

i was going to lay out the pine-cones perfectly to see where i wanted them…but soon abandoned that idea and just started with the big ones and placed the smaller ones around them.

i just started attaching my pine-cones with wire and hot glue. big ones first.

attaching pinecones


i was just going to hot glue, but thought it could be a little more secure with a little wrapped wire on the big ones.

back of first pinecone


i just wrapped and twisted. totally imperfect.

gluing small cones on

then i just used hot glue on the smaller ones. i squeezed them next to the big ones so that the little prickly pieces could kind of hold on to each other. does that even make sense? it did in my head at the time… ha.

half way

this is what it looked like half way done. i kind of just made it up as i went. but thought it would help the look to have some on their side or upside down. i think the bottoms are the prettiest part of the pine-cones anyway…is that weird?

i don’t mind seeing the cardboard behind the pinecones. if that bothers you, you may want to try to do this with a wire wreath form. but i was going for cheap cheap cheap, remember? and i was ok with TOTALLY imperfect! hee hee. at this point though, i thought it was looking pretty ugly.

back half way

this is what the back looked like half way through. see, i didn’t wire every pine-cone. just the big ones. and you can see, i got hot glue everywhere!

fun times.

finished wreath

when i had the pine-cones placed the way i wanted, i just added a wide strip of burlap for the hanger/bow. {to hang it at the top without having it twist, i used a little wire loop} as you can tell, you can’t really see the cardboard in between the pine-cones anyway. unless you get up really close. it doesn’t bother me at all that it’s TOTALLY imperfect.

i hung it on our front door, in between the screen door. i love that because it’s an enclosed space, it saves the cinnamon smell for when we come home. this is what makes us smile.ย LOVE it.

so there ya go, friends! now you too can make a TOTALLY imperfect pine-cone wreath that will make you smile with its quirkyness and smellyness. hee hee. enjoy!

xoxo-kimberly renee




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