missing Nana

we are missing Nana around here so i thought i’d share a few photos i took on her last day with us.

last day with nana5

one of my goals is to have the camera out and available to catch more of the “every day moments” like these… every day.

granted, i don’t do it every day, but when i do, i’m so glad i took the time to take out the camera and just catch life.

like baby snuggles with her Nana.

last day with nana2

like little sweet kisses that are treasured.

last day with nana6


last day with nana

and sweet moments.


last day with nana3

one day, little Sweet Pea is going to look back on these photos of her and her Nana. she’s going to see the love in these photos. and she is going to know how much Nana loves her.

and that’s just because i took an “every day moment” kind of shot.

i hope i remember to do it often.

last day with nana4

we miss you, Nana!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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