moments are gifts

can i just say, things are CRAZY in the world right now?

there’s SO much else to say, and at the same time maybe not much else to add to all that’s being said. except maybe just to repeat one more time, “Come Lord Jesus.”

sometimes that’s all i can whisper as see the news and then as i go along my daily rhythm of this little insignificant life. today, all i need to do, is to DO today. to do it well, the best that i can, for the glory of the Lord. and to just keep whispering my prayers and heart to the Lord.

each moment we have is a gift. each breath, a gift.

so, to remind myself of the beauty God has given me in the momentary day to day, here are a few snapshots of our week. 2016-07-07 15.21.01-1 the heat. oi. it’s been hot here! praise the Lord for sunshine! and get me in the kiddie pool NOW.

2016-07-09 13.47.28

so, crazy and random story that makes our world smaller- this guy(Mark) was the college pastor at my home church when i was in college. he married us. then a few years ago he decided to take an adventure and become an actor in NYC! we’ve always wanted to go see him in one of his shows but just never got around to it. BUT THEN, he just so happens to be in Lancaster! performing in the beautiful Fulton Theater! so fun! of course we had to go see him. and share a few meals/coffee dates to catch up.

i LOVE it when the world gets smaller like that!

2016-07-11 11.31.20-2  we made a quick day trip to the beach this week. we’ve never been to Cape May and decided we could swing a quick trip and go exploring. the little miss was hilarious and wanted to wear the little swim cap that came with her swimsuit(but only for like 5 min- also, can you STAND how cute that suit is?). Praise the Lord for silly little toddlers and always always always for the ocean.  2016-07-11 16.04.41 and praise the Lord for cute little towns! it was so fun to walk around a little after a few hours at the beach!

2016-07-13 09.18.02

this week we’ve also been doing a little home renovation diy. it’s been exhausting but i’m so thankful for a Husbuddy who’s willing to jump in and make my little design dreams come to fruition! our ceiling in the guest bedroom was horrible… but now if i do say so myself, it’s gorgeous. i’ll do another post soon about that. i praise the Lord for my handy-man. tee hee.

2016-07-13 20.04.13 praise the Lord for little baby girl growing! and apparently i can’t spell. LOL. doh. papaya. p-a-p-a-y-a.

2016-07-15 18.09.15

and i just praise the Lord for this little darling who loves her daddy o so much. she grabs his face and kisses him hard. this kiss was mostly because he got her ice cream and had just said he was going to take her to the park(her FAVORITE) tee hee. SO cute.

i praise the Lord for these little moments in my life. i thank Him for His providence of EACH moment as i pray for the world all around me.

come Lord Jesus.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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