mountain bike sanity

Another adventure from the weekend was going for a long bike ride. We could not have asked for a more beautiful adventure.


I think bike rides have been our way of staying sane in jersey.

i mean, we’re western folk. and around here, when people think of west, they think of California. UM…. what about all the mountain states, my dear Jersey people?  and no, Idaho is NOT next to Illinois… you’re thinking of Iowa… yes, Husbuddy is from Washington… STATE…there are mountains there too. haha.  a Jersey-ite once asked me if Colorado was in the “midwest” or west. I was SHOCKED that they even questioned that. um, heeeellllooooo… there are mountains there, doesn’t that automatically qualify it as west!? oh yes, you forgot there were such things as mountains didn’t you. i guess that could happen when you’re stuck in the city life.

by staying sane, i mean  that bike riding (the mountain version in particular) gets us out in nature. it makes it feel like we’re not surrounded by millions of people any more. it makes us feel almost… almost like we’re close to our western, mountain-filled, sky-expanse-filled, fresh-air-filled, more-nature-than-people, vista-filled, beautiful home. again, i said almost. (can you tell i’m missing it?) mountain bike riding is an easy hour or two of filling us up with God’s beautiful creative nature… although it’s mostly rather flat, we ride past canals, through beautiful fields and lots and lots of trees.

it also helps husbuddy and i to reconnect. we have something to do together, to laugh, to talk, to just be silent but do together. (yes, i’ve written about this before) he makes it into a little date and sometimes we even stop along the way for a little treat… like on saturday we stopped at a cute bakery in Kingston and i had my first blueberry muffin since going gluten/dairy free. we bought it and road to a little bridge that we could sit on and enjoy the view and sunshine. it was glorious. {actually, the muffin was just ok… way richer than i remember ;)}

we even commented on saturday that these bikes may have been our best purchase since moving here. 🙂 oh sweet sanity

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