moving day {#1}

today we’re packing up the truck and starting to say good bye to Jersey!

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our little helpers arrived last night {by little  i mean younger siblings… i think they’re both taller than me so i have no right calling them little… but i do anyway :)}

today is my last day of work! i’m getting really sad to say goodbye to a great job and all the awesome experiences i’ve had here!! it was here that i fell in love with residential architecture and where i’ve completed all of my training so that i can start the ARE. this job has been such a blessing.

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then later we’ll pack up the truck and clean out our little home.  {note, Husbuddy has affectionately named it “Bess”… so if you notice him calling it “ol’ Bess” just don’t ask…}

via husbuddy

it won’t be sad to say good bye to the mold but it will be sad to say good bye to all the friends we’ve had here!

then, tomorrow morning we start the drive north.

things are happening fast around here! xo-kimberly renee

{please think of me in your prayers during the drive, as Husbuddy is so excited to use the walkie talkies and use code names from star wars…he starts every communication with “this is red leader, come in” … and then he ends ever thing he says over the walkie talkie with a “red leader over and out”…hee hee, he’s so cute…

just please ignore the eye roll… on that note: i’m pretty sure one day this is going to be my family: go HERE…and i’m going to love it.}

gold leader over and out.

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